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Mar 24, 2009 – Doctor, Doctor

Every week on House,

doctors search the patient’s home.

That can’t be legal…

YouTube video: Band from TV

Band from TV and Jorge Garcia from LOST sing Shake Ya Tail Feather at Netflix Live! in Los Angeles, CA

Band From TV is:

Greg Grunberg – Drums
James Denton – Guitar
Bonnie Somerville – Vocals
Bob Guiney – Vocals
Hugh Laurie – Keyboard
Teri Hatcher – Vocals
Jesse Spencer – Fiddle

Mar 23, 2009 – She dunnit

The big-name guest star

is always the murderer –

therefore, no suspense.

YouTube video: Teaser for Law & Order SVU

And actually, this trailer is a great example of another beef I have, i.e. the way that trailers give away the whole damn plot. It’s like they’re so excited about this big plot twist, they’re trying so hard to get us to watch it, that they can’t wait to tell us all about it in advance. Thanks, you shouldn’t have. Seriously.