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May 3 “Cognitive Dissonance”

Wood should feel like wood,

not polished to a high gloss –

it’s disconcerting.

This Shaker-style table from my woodworking class remains unfinished. That is to say, no finishing has been applied to the bare wood.  I’ve done some sanding, to get rid of the tool marks and rough bits, but only up to about 120 grit.

Part of the delay has been to allow the wood to take on a patina from exposure to the air, something I  read somewhere as being a good thing for pine.  Results have been inconclusive, I’d say at this point.

There was talk of painting it, which would be another reason not to carry the sanding thing to excess. But I think I’m leaning towards a wipe-on oil finish. Lee Valley makes something called Tried & True™ Traditional Finishes, which they describe thusly:

Most finishes today contain petroleum distillates, solvents or heavy metal drier additives. These don’t. Developed largely from polymerized linseed oil with other natural-product additives, the finishes strictly adhere to the standards established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and qualify as non-toxic and safe for food-contact surfaces in both their uncured and cured (wet and dry) states.

I used one of these finishes, the “Tried & True™ Varnish Oil” with some success on a smaller project, but I think I might try the “Original Wood Finish” variety on the table. If only because it’s “adapted from an original Shaker recipe”, which seems appropriate.

Shaker-style table (unpainted pine)

Apr 7 “Pension”

No more fat paycheque.

The slide into poverty

begins about now.

“Package” (Is That It?)

After nearly 30 years of faithful service to a major financial institution, about two years ago I received my severence "package". While fairly reasonable, financially, I found myself thinking that in the literal sense, it looked rather thin… When I had "the meeting", I looked at it sitting there on the desk in front of me, and before I even read it, my first thought was: is that it?

Now, two years later, just in time for global financial chaos and the decimation of my RRSP, that is it. My last full paycheque was on Friday. I guess I’ll just have to get by on my looks…

Apr 3 “Sociable”

I enjoy most dogs

more than I do most people.

Not you though. You’re great.

We Love Dogs

YouTube Video: Van der Graaf Generator – Meurglys III The Songwriter’s Guild

“These days I mainly just talk to plants and dogs –
all human contact seems painful, risky, odd;
so I stay acting god in my own universe
where I trade cigarettes in return for songs.
The deal’s made harder the longer I go on:
I find me gone from all but secret languages.”