8 thoughts on “May 18 “The End”

  1. Sorry folks, but as Kenny Rogers says, “Ya gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to bugger off because the whole thing was becoming a burden and I felt like a voice in the wilderness”. Something like that.

  2. Noooooo! I bet you have all kinds of lurkers you never even knew about who will now have themselves a sad little sob. Do you want to disappoint them?

    I can understand, though, when a fun project becomes a chore, though. But still, this is a sad day.

  3. Thanks Kris… obviously I feel bad to pull the plug after bullying friends and family into subscribing, but it never made much of a blip beyond those first numbers. So obviously the world is not ready for prog haiku (progku?) or whatever the hell I was doing here. Just another creative disaster to add to my resume of projects that failed to find an audience. Or intentionally frightened it away…

  4. Oh no, I really liked this site. I thought of it as contemporary haiga. I’m obsessed with haiga as of late…

    Perhaps you will continue in a different way??? Less frequent updates so it’s not a burden to you? But I don’t think you should give up your haiga….

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