May 16 “Nadir”

Hammill / Van der Graaf.

Magog (In Bromine Chambers).

The dark heart of Prog.

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YouTube video: “Van der Graaf Generator – Gog – Live (2007)

The song “Gog” — paired with the lengthy instrumental collage “Magog (InĀ  Bromine Chambers)” — first appeared on the 1975 Peter Hammill solo album “In Camera”. In recent years it has become a live staple of the reformed Van der Graaf Generator.

The “Magog” section of the piece actually did have some vocals, albeit so heavily treated as to be nearly indistinguishable from the general infernal chaos:

In Bromine Chambers
there can be no mercy,
no bitter flagellation for your sins;
no forgiveness and no sackcloth
can cease the dance
of ashes on the wind.

Too late now for a wish
to change all wishing;
too late to change, to breathe, to grow.
Too late to smother out the tell-tale footprints
which mark your passage through the greying snow

Peter Hammill "In Camera" 1975

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