Apr 9 “Archetype”

John Locke’s life not LOST

now he’s risen from the dead

like Gandalf, Jesus.

From Wikipedia:

Faith: Locke’s life has a repeated pattern of believing in a higher being or purpose (for example: his father, or pressing the button in the hatch). He begins to suspect that he was destined to be on the island, which coincided with the partial loss of his recovered ability to walk.

“Midway into Season 2, however, his faith begins to falter as he slowly grows disillusioned with repeatedly pressing the button. The season finale of Season 2 concludes with Locke ultimately deciding not to press the button, despite the protests of Mr. Eko, who tries unsuccessfully to convince John to keep believing (and keep pushing). After the cataclysmic events that occurred when they stopped pushing the button, Locke admitted that he was wrong to stop believing.

“At the beginning of Season 3, Locke’s faith seems to be fully restored. This is supported by the fact that Locke’s first action after regaining consciousness is to “talk to the island,” a strongly spiritual action that harkens back to the Locke of Season 1, who considered the island to be a nexus of spiritual energy, and an entity that could be communicated with. After Mr. Eko is killed by the smoke monster, it is Locke who buries him, thanking him for restoring his faith.”

also: “John Locke is named after the English philosopher of the same name, and his alias, Jeremy Bentham, is also the name of an English philosopher.”

YouTube video: “Ben wakes up to resurrected John Locke

John Locke
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