Apr 11 “Yum”

“This Is Why You’re Fat”.

Another guilty pleasure.

(The blog, not the food).

The name of the blog says it all:
“This Is Why You’re Fat — where dreams become heart attacks”

Epically excessive epicurean delights.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might feel a little sick.
Or you might think, hmmm, that looks kind of good…

Sausage Fatty

A giant Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage filled with bacon, cream cheese, mushrooms, jalapeƱos and Colby cheese.

And if you’re still hungry, have some dessert:

Double-layer breakfast cake

Breakfast Cake

Two layers of egg, sausage, bacon, cheese quiche with country gravy in between,
topped with gravy icing garnished with bacon bits.

All this and more at thisiswhyyourefat.com (no affiliation, I’m just lover of fine food and fine blogs).

2 thoughts on “Apr 11 “Yum”

  1. check out my twitter – I’m feeling fat this morning – but satisfied and not a little bit poorer (Lockings)

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