Apr 9 “Hello world”

Social media

is not all that sociable,

more like “look at me!”

I’m looking at you, Twitter.

I know, I know, it IS possible to have meaningful discourse via social media websites. I’ve made lasting friendships via the Internet with people I may never meet. I met my wife online for heaven’s sake.

But Twitter seems to be the latest poster-child for so-called social media, and I can’t begin to imagine real discourse via that particular venue. The cult of celebrity is rampant – someone with half a million followers probably has a hoot with all the attention they get from every post, but the rest of us are just pissing in the wind.

Mark's Twitter Friends
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by ‘Pong

One thought on “Apr 9 “Hello world”

  1. I know, there’s a certain level of narcissism with all this social media stuff, Facebook, too. However, keep twittering! That’s how I get here:)

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