Mar 31, 2009 “Cheapness”

Skype for the iPhone –

if you can afford the phone,

just pay for the calls.

YouTube video: Demo of Skype for iPhone

From IT World Canada:

Skype for iPhone available everywhere but Canada

Skype Technologies S.A. will make its highly anticipated debut on the Apple Inc. iPhone Tuesday, but Canadian users will be one of the only countries in the world left shut out.

“There is a patent-license issue in Canada which prevents us from making Skype available on the iPhone,” Chaim Haas, a spokesperson on behalf of Skype, told ComputerWorld Canada in an e-mail.

The free Skype iPhone app will allow non-Canadian users to make Skype-to-Skype calls at no cost, call landlines or non-Skype cell phones at a reduced rate, and use the tool’s instant messaging service.

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